Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. ALL SALES ARE FINAL unless you have travel protection added within 7 days of booking. Depending on the type of protection you purchase, you can receive a credit or refund (click on appropriate link to purchase or read more) minus the non-refundable deposit and cost of travel protection.

If a trip is canceled by the vendor, all funds paid will be returned within 90 days but if you cancel and no protection is attached, you forfeit all of the funds paid. A trip may also be cancelled by the agent if you are participating in a group trip and you miss 2 payments, and also if you do not uphold your written arrangement via email, text, or messaging. If travel protection is purchased you will be refunded according to the vendors guidelines, if travel protection is not purchased all funds will be forfeited.

If a destination is closed due to a no-entry scenario from that country, meaning there is no way we can travel, the resort will refund/provide a travel credit within 90 days.

Please check flights routes and costs for your trip and book appropriately, if you need assistance or need an airport code, we are here to help! We can also help book flights.

Hotel check-ins are normally at 3pm or 4pm with an early checkin option, but this is at the resorts or owners discretion and is not guaranteed.

CHECK VACCINATION & COVID ENTRY REQUIREMENTS. We will keep you in the loop if things change but we encourage you to check on your own as well.

You can protect your trip should you need to cancel by adding one of the travel protection options (full refund or travel credit) through the agent within 7 days of booking and/or third party insurance, I recommend Seven Corners.

If you are booked for an hotel or resort, spots cannot be sold and no name changes allowed (vendor/company exception may exist depending on the scenario).

Payment Info, Reminders & Schedules:

•All payments are due in full 45-50 days before the trip, all due dates are posted on each trip.

• A credit card authorization form MUST be filled out for EACH trip

•You can make payments on your trip via:

1. Pay if full or monthly recurring payments automatically charged via an cc authorization form

2. PayPal

3. Zelle

4. Uplift

A 3% plus fee or tax will be added on all options above except option 1 and 3.

Who To Contact?

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me Noelle Johnson-leblanc via phone at 9167206000 or email at 

dreamswithinreach2008@gmail.com or my team at Travelnow@Dreamswithinreach2008.com. Thank you!